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Lasst doch ein paar nette Kommentare hier :)
Oder Anregungen, Ideen etc.

Ich bin für (fast) alles offen !! :D


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    Good day from Philippine Visual Kei band JFAD re: German Hide Memorial day (Sonntag, 03 Oktober 2010 18:30)

    Good day,

    My name is Gerald Grana and I am representing and managing the Philippine visual kei band JFAD.

    I was informed by the band of your invitation to Germany and we would love to participate in the special event you have planned for May 2-3, 2011.

    We would be honored and love to be part of the Gerrman Hide Memorial day.

    If its ok, we would like to ask you some inquiries...

    a. What is the venue where the bands will perform on May 2-3 2011? If there is none yet, what venues are you considering?
    b. Who is the organizer of the event? is this a small scale event? a medium scale event or a big event?
    c. Is your planned 'German Hide Memorial Day' something that will be covered on German TV or German cable TV?
    d. If JFAD can perform, how many songs can they perform?
    e. Is there plans to promote this event? how will people know about this event? will it be just information on the web or will there be support of radio or newspapers involved?
    f. How many people are you expecting or anticipating to show up on the event?
    g. Which particular record companies in Germany will you invite to watch the event? aside from the fans of Hide in Germany, who else are you planning to invite to watch the event?
    i. Where exactly in Germany will the bands perform? Do you plan to get sponsors for the event? Is there already a stage design? can we know regarding the sound system that the event will use?
    j. How many bands are performing?
    k. is it a free event opwn to the publich or will you charge a fee at the entrance?
    l. are you considering some sort of compensation, no matter how small, to the bands who are performing on May 2-3, 2011?

    Pardon us for asking a lot, the reason we are asking these questions is because we are interested to participate in the event. And as you may know, the Philippines is far from Germany but don't worry, we will generate the necessary finances to get to your event, but we have to know these things before hand so we wont have any problems. We are just making sure, we understand your plans and how the event will be executed.

    We are very easy to talk to and we see no problem if ever. We would love to perform in front of the German crowd who will watch the Hide event.

    Also, if the event will really push through, can you send us even via email, some sort of official correspondence from you as the organizer and to us JFAD, that you really did invite us to your event. Maybe a formal letter stating when and where the event will take place, the extent of you assistance (no matter how small or big it may be, its ok and no problem, we understand).

    The letter will be used as reference and proof of your intention for JFAD to perform at your event. So when we try to get German VISA, we can show your official correspondence / letter to the German Embassy here in the Philippines. We shall shoulder all fees that may be charged to us. No problem with us.

    Don't worry about where we will stay because we plan to generate the necessary financial requirements before your event. We just need certain details as soon as you have them already.

    Any copy of any proof that for example you indeed rented a venue or will have a stage constructed on a venue and list of bands scheduled to perform along with JFAD will also be useful to us when we are working to secure the necessary paperwork to go to your event in Germany.

    Please do keep us in the loop regarding this worthwhile event that we hope to participate in.

    regards and God bless,

    Gerald P. Grana
    JFAD Manager
    +63 919 5068592

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    Hello! (Mittwoch, 20 Januar 2010 11:02)

    Seremedy has found their new singer!