Idea of Aliens Dream-Factory

Welcome to the Official Aliens Dream-Factory Website!!


We want to support and promote different stuff like:

・ new and young bands/musicians,

・ hair dresser,

・ photographer,

・ clothing maker,

・ painter,

・ writer,

・ Let's Player
and more from all over the world!
Inform people about NEWS from new Concerts, Songs, Contests, Radio & TV Shows, arts, photos, clothes, designs, hair style, books, Let's Plays and much more!

So if you're interested in it, just let us know!

It's for free, just send us always your NEWS (and BANDS the newest song, that we can upload it here and on our MySpace & SoundCloud sides to show it the world)!


We won't use anything of your work without your agreement!

So think about it and let it us know! ;]

We still wish you an awesome day/night!

Take care!






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